Manila Vocal Ensemble

..sharing God's love and peace through music and dance!

Concert Programs 2019


Entrance: Ride the Chariot Arr.: Henry Smith
Gloria: Purihin ang Panginoon (Praise the Lord) Phil. El Shaddai Music Library
After the Reading: Wie Gross Bist Du Karl Booberg
Offertory: Prayer of Saint Francis Allen Pote
Sharing of Peace: Let there be Peace on Earth Miller/Jackson/Ades
Communion: Dios ay Pagibig (God is Love) Dave Magalong
Exit: Kapayapaan (Peace) D. Gamboa


Short Concert (Senior Citizen Homes etc.)

Part 1: Religious Songs

Ride The Chariot (Negro Spiritual) Arr.: Henry Smith
O Happy Day (Gospel Song) Aaron Neville
Dios ang Pagibig (God is Love) Dave Magalong
Wie Gross Bist Du (Swedish Melody) Karl Booberg
Prayer of St. Francis Allen Pote

Part 2: Philippine Dances and Songs

Kappa Malong This dance shows the different ways the malong can be worn.
Lulay Is a name of a virtuous maiden whose love is very difficult to obtain. Because of this, she is considered a priceless and a rare treasure for the person she would love.
Rosas Pandan A song of a country girl that came to town and dances to earn her living. So beautiful she is and the way she dances that the men drool in excitement as they watch her.
Pipit Pipit is a name of a famous, small and playful Philippine bird that chirps a lot all day long. However, a cruel man threw a stone at her and hit her wing. Thus, she could no longer fly and she cried: ''you are a cruel man; your heart is merciless. And if ever I die, another Pipit will cry.'' The playful and happy character of this bird is clearly expressed in the rhythm and melody of the song.
Kapayapaan Means peace. The songs says: Come lets dance, hold hands and altogether shout: Kapayapaan (peace). The colors of our skin might be different but we only have one world to live in. Hence, we altogether shout: Kapayapaan (Peace).

Part 3: International Songs

Spanish Eyes Singleton/Snyder/Kaempert
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Harbach/Kern
Guantanamera (Cuban Song) Seeger/Fernandez/Marti
ABBA Medley Anderson/Ulvaeus
Alpe Rose Polo Hofer
Es Buure Büebli arr. W. Ackermann
Let there be Peace on Earth